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       Don't miss out on all that interest just because you can't do the calculation! BeWare is designed to calculate child support and spousal arrearages. It will calculate interest and allocate payments for past-due child support or spousal support and provide a detailed report. You only enter the interest amount, the date payments were to begin, and the frequency of payments (monthly, semi-monthly, biweekly, or weekly), the payment dates and amounts. Then let BeWare do the work!
       BeWare applies the payment to support arrears first or interest first (you can even set the interest rate or choose no interest at all).

  • Calculates the total payments made, the total interest due, and the total support due.
  • Displays the totals, as well as detailed information about the application of payments, the interests accruals, and arrearages over the entire time covered by the child support obligation.
  • Prints all of the information you need to show all the money owed.

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